"QUALITY MAKES A DIFFERENCE": Our products are proudly made in the US and fit to compete with international standards.
Engineered Welded Wire Reinforcement

Our engineered welded wire reinforcement production capability allows us to offer you the answer to your wire mesh needs.
We can produce mesh with a variety of spacing, wire sizes and lengths of both the transverse and longitudinal wires. Our machine can handle wires of up to D 31 in size.
Our mesh can be utilized in most precast and or cast in place products: slabs, beams, deck panels, sound walls, box culverts to name a few.
Our products are manufactured to the requirements outlined in ASTM A 1064 which is the latest specification on record.

Some benefits to using welded wire reinforcement in the construction industry:
  • Reduce time and labor required for slab reinforcement, in some cases by as much as 4 to 11 times faster placements in slabs.

  • Provides the exact size of reinforcement, where needed, with variable bar sizes and spaces, reducing steel waste.

  • No site space required for steel assembly.

  • Sheets of welded wire fabric can be bent as a single unit.

pptEquivalency Tables- Reinforcing Bars & High Strength Welded Wire Fabric

Standard Welded Wire Reinforcement

We currently manufacture and stock a variety of industry standard welded wire fabric available in both deformed and plain wire mesh. We can provide finished products in sizes from D1.4 up to and including D5.5 with various transverse and longitudinal spacing and in lengths of 20' or more. It is our goal to provide you with the most reliable reinforcement products to meet your needs for the light construction field.
pptStandard welded Wire Mesh data sheet

Steel Rebar

We offer a wide range of rebar for your structural reinforcing needs. Stock rebar sizes range from #3 to #9 in 20' and 40' lengths, grade 40 and grade 60. All rebar complies with ASTM A 615.

We stock rebar in Irving, Laredo, San Antonio and New Caney, Texas as a will-call option or we can deliver in truckload quantities

pptBar dimensions and weight

Drawn Wire

We offer a wide variety of drawn wire products in sizes form 0.08" to 0.625".

We can have it in continuous lengths, straightened and cut to length in smooth or deformed finish.

Our drawn wire conforms to ASTM A-82 and ASTM A-496 in both, deformed or smooth finish.